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In 1994,​ under the umbrella of Montreal Youth Unlimited and backed by the​ Chateauguay-Kahnawake Ministerial who had already been key in various​ other initiatives such as the Food Bank and the Chaplaincy Program, the search began for a location in which to open the youth centre God was moving to provide for the community of Chateauguay. After much prayer, fundraising and renovations, the doors of Station 7 opened, in September 1996. Word of mouth brought​ many young people to have fun and be helped in a safe environment. So many issues were seen, experienced and addressed by staff and volunteers as they​ listened to the teens and were role models to them of appropriate values of​ integrity.​ One of the biggest subjects faced almost daily was in the realm of sexuality​, and on Father’s Day 2003, Options Crisis Pregnancy Centre was “born”. In the​ world we are living in, crisis pregnancies are often happening at a younger age​ and bring with them an array of emotions; from excitement and anticipation to​ worry and fear. Several people were trained and prepared to offer accurate information​ and education on all the options and support, with sensitivity and compassion​ to all those individuals and families whose lives were affected. Station 7 and​ Options existed hand in hand, a good marriage to meet the growing needs.​ As time moved forward, it became evident that many young people were dropping out of​ school, discouraged and feeling worthless. Some couldn’t read. How could​ their talents and gifts be used in a different way? What could they make with​ their hands? In 2004 the Shop was opened with the desire to teach teens to​ create something beautiful, and as a result to feel good about themselves.​
Finished products (reproduction furniture, crafts, etc.) would be displayed and​ sold in front of the Shop in the Boutique, opened in 2006 and all proceeds​ would go back into the ministry. Businesses also began to donate skin care​ products and candles etc. from local trade shows to add to the charm of the​ place and to attract the community.​ To helping young people further, a liaison was developed with Correctional Services, and many teens were able to work off their community service hours through our centre. Each one was​ encouraged to stay out of trouble and not to repeat their offence.​ In 2007, our centre was approached by World Vision, to partner with them on a​ pilot project under their mandate to eliminate child poverty and violence.​ As our mission aligned with theirs, Project Renaissance was begun in 2008 to​ offer youth who were struggling to graduate an alternative method of receiving their high school diploma, as well as to receive life skills training. Our youth learned about​ moving forward and never giving up!!


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